your vibrating bulbs pressed against my hand. your voice in that register audible only to me.

both are there and not there.
are we simultaneous?
is the coincidence the encounter?
where is the locus of our coincidence.

our meeting
our meaning


My work eschews anchoring itself to a specific ideology, but rather is itself an inquiry into the conditions of the possibility of even recognizing one; of the threshold between appearance and reality. As such, my work both draws from a variety of sources and contexts and also takes many forms including installation, performance, publications, pedagogical interventions, etc. My artistic production generates propositions towards an environment comprised of a variety of materials: photographic prints, drawings, site specific earth, screens and surfaces with video projections, live feeds, recorded audio, ambiguous architectures, voice... The myriad implementation of materials, despite their variety, always refers back to a particular stance on reality—that it is malleable and multiple, that different paradigms and sets of possibilities are fluidly juxtaposable.

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(c) 2020 Tavi Meraud